Yoga is also considered as exercise. It is totally mind-body workout by stretching body parts with deep breathing and meditation. Yoga is also effective for the mind and for spirituals benefits. Yoga is helpful in reducing stress, depression, anxiety and also enhanced self-awareness.

Whenever we talk about weight loss, everyone suggests to control diet and that’s true. But we can also lose weight through yoga exercises which is more helpful for reducing weight. Yoga is also a sure-fire path to weight loss. For yoga exercises the thing that you should do before starting exercise is meditation. Firstly, take a deep breath and only think about the desire for which you are doing this. The temperature of a room should also be 20 to 30 oC. Here are some exercises for weight loss;

• First effective yoga exercise is for the face. For losing your face fat you just have to sit like a lion and stick your tongue out (approx. 2 min). It will stretch your facial muscles along with thorax and spine. By doing it regularly you will see that your double chin is no more within few days.


lion pose

• Next effective yoga exercise is for your arms. For this, you have to pose like a dog in downward position. This position is actually a weight-bearing pose. In which your arms will lift your body weight that will tone your arms and biceps. You have to do this Approx. 5 minutes.


dog downward position

• Next effective yoga exercise is for the shoulders. In this, you have to sit in a twisted pose. You have to twist your legs, arms, and face for Approx. 5 to 6 minutes. It is not as easy but by practice it, you can easily do it. It will help in maintaining the tone of shoulders.


seated twisted pose

• Next effective yoga exercise is the fish pose that will help in reducing belly and thigh Fats. For this, you have to stretch your lower body by moving upper body in an upward direction by putting your arms under the hips for Approx. 6 minutes.


fish pose

• Next effective yoga exercise is cobra pose. Cobra pose will help in toning arms, chest and belly and the same way it also helps in burning fat. For this, you have to lie flat on stomach with pointed toes. Press hips and top of the feet into the mat. Lift your head slowly in backward, so the chin point forward and neck is gently compressed. Then take a deep breath.



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