A 6 Pack Would Not Make You a Good Runner, But These Hard Exercises Can

Many fresh runners think that to run huge distances is the best to improve your body. Though this would definitely enhance the running skills, most of the trainers would suggest the strength training too. To focus on the core is one common advice. There is the latest research that backs it up. According to a Journal of Biomechanics, the researchers have investigated one symptom which has long runners. A group of runners, almost 14%, got back pain. The results of this study reveal that the weak muscles may be the reason. The study also reveals that if the muscles are weak enough then the muscles of the other parts of torso kick for keeping a runner upright, might lead to the back pain.

In order to perceive the role of the muscles. Researchers of the study got 8 volunteers which had less running experience. The 3D detectors and cameras examined which of the muscles moved & how much. When the researchers created a computer model for those selected runners. The scientists had simulated that what will occur if specific muscles are weak. If someone cannot utilize his deep muscles well. And his body wants to have some running form then there are superficial muscles in order to do this.

So, what is wrong with it? A muscle is always not just a muscle. Superficial muscles usually are targeted in the workouts. These muscles give one a 6 pack. These’re useless muscles when this comes to support the spine. Deep muscles actually lie down and they cannot view from outside. These deep core muscles do heavy work.

If you pound a pavement for the miles at the same time then you actually put huge pressure on the spine. In case you have strong muscles then that is not an issue. But if not so then this can consequently lead to the back pain. Actually, the researchers of the study have revealed that when they put down the muscle strength as low as possible, the pressure on the vertebrae was increased by 19%. It is quite easy to see that this kind of burden can cause big problems with the passage of time.

If you are concerned about the useless 6 pack then do not fear. It is quite easy to whip the muscles into proper shape. It is to note that there are various famous ab workouts including sit-ups and some other exercises which contain a huge amount of motion that is useless for the deep core. There are fixed exercises as planks and side bridges that actually do more.

Even if you have made your muscles very strong, you do not notice the noticeable results. These will not give you the washboard abs rather would help you in running better. They will also help prevent back pain. Hence take some crunches and put a nice plank in or you can do both of them.


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