Now a days Accessories That are In Fashion

Accessories are used for completing our outfit or for the decoration, fashion accessories items used in a secondary manner, clothing is the primary manner. Accessory changes the personality of a person. Garments collection should be good but with the help of accessories, you may look unique and classy.
Accessories Categories
2 categories
1. Carried accessories.
2. Worn accessories.

Following worn accessories are common.

Shoes: Shoes are of different styles for women & men. Always keep in mind that the shoes that we are going to wear don’t dominate our outfits. Ladies shoes might go with a color of their trousers or skirts. Women shoe color should be darker than their bottom part of garments. Men shoe color should be the match of belt’s color. High heel shoe fashion is common but it can damage your health so avoid wearing the high heel.

WATCH: For the selection of watch, your first preference should be the size, select that one which is nicely adjusted with a wrist, always go for that one which looks beautiful on you after worn. Watch is the essential item for the fashion.

Gloves: Gloves is that fashion accessory that you wear in your hand that helps you in protecting from cold, heat, chemicals, damage by the friction etc. For the selection of gloves, it depends on your need or situation.

NECKTIES: Tie should be as nice as your shirt but color should be different, if you are wearing dark color shirt your tie should be of white color and if your shirt is of light color your tie should be of dark color. The tie fashion is popular in both men and women.

HAT: Hat is that fashion item that you wear on your head it can be for style or can be for the safety from the heat.

Sunglasses: For the dashing look we can use sunglasses and it also helps in a heat for looking and this is the best fashion accessory.

Belts: Belt is that accessory that you wear on pants for the tightness of pants and also used as a fashion, belts color should be of simply designed leather for the unique look.


Jewelry: In this fashion accessory, different items are included in Bracelet, Necklace, Chain, Earrings, Nose Pin, Rings Etc. Necklace and Earrings selection should be good for perfect look like if you are wearing large earrings then go for thin chain and if you are wearing big necklace then should go for a top instead of large earrings.

2. Carried accessories:

a) Handbags: Handbags and Purses are the important accessories of fashion. So always be go for that purse which is in fashion in the present period.

b) Umbrella: For your safety from the UV rays you can keep a nice one umbrella with you and it also helps you in rain and umbrella also tells about your fashion taste.

c) PHONE CASE. If you want to hold your phone in your hand then the selection of phone case should be unique. People are using phone case as a fashion, so your phone case should be trendy.

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