The Apparent Suicide of Designer Kate Spade

Kate Spade Commit Suicide

The Fashion designer and the businesswoman Kate Spade found dead in her apartment on June 5, 2018. The police reported that she commit suicide because housekeeper found her hanged in her apartment. She was 55 years old. Kate Spade was the co-founder of a designer label the Kate Spade New York that she sold after some time. Her husband after death told the media about her depression situation that is the reason for her death.

Kate Spade designer

Bio of Kate Spade

Kate Spade was also a former editor of accessories at the Mademoiselle Magazine. That got closed before the launching of her company design known as the Kate Spade New York in year1993. She married to Andy Spade in 1994 & with him, she started her company. This company began with the selling of handbags before the expanding to include the jewelry, clothing, bedding, fragrances, and legwear.

This brand then grew into the fashion empire by just offering the affordable luxury for the young working women. At a time industry was also dominated by the venerable European brand. Then the couple has sold their brand in the year 2006 & launched the new brand of fashion called The Frances Valentine that sells the footwear & accessories. This brand was eventually bought by the Tapestry in the year 2017 for tapping the millennial. Then drawn the company quirky to the satchels & colorful bags of tote.

Husband Statement about Kate Spade Death

The Andy Spade has a long talk with the New York Time about her death. He said that his daughter and he both are very devastated by the loss of Kate Spade. They both are unable to begin their life without her. The Andy Spade also said that she was suffering from the depression & the anxiety for many years. But the suicide also shocked me.  There was no warning and not any indication of that. This tragedy is the complete shock for us.

Kate was working on her condition actively. She was also seeking help related to her depression & the anxiety from the last five year. Also, she was seeing the doctor on the regular basis & taking the medication for the both conditions ‘depression & anxiety’. He also said that there was not any abuse of the substance or alcohol. Also, there was no any problem related to the business. Kate Spade also said that he wants to clear up all the rumors & speculation that are surfacing about their couple personal life.

From the last ten months, we both were living separately then within the few blocks of an each other. The Bea (daughter) was also living with us & we also saw each other and spoke every day. We have never discussed our divorce. Also, we were not separate legally. We both were the best friends and were trying for working through the problems. And we were also trying to solve the problems in the best way as we knew how. We lived together for about 35 years. Although we loved each other a lot & simply we just needed the break.

Kate Spade Collection

The Buying of the Kate Spade handbags was the coming of an age that ritual for the American women generation. The designer Kate Spade has created the accessories empire which helped to define a look of the era. The purses & bags that she always made became the status symbol & also the token of an adulthood. Her brand gets popular because of its brighter designs & also the use of color. Along with the use of the symbol that is spade as a logo of the company.

In her latest collection, the prim, proper dresses, and the entertaining accessories included. There also some expected staples of black color, some attractive design embroiders with the cutesy like butterflies. The strapless cocktail floral dress, the soft and classic print of the flouncy top, the funbags and the picnic basket also included.

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