Author: Anamta Babar

Fruits and Vegetable and their importance

  Fruit and vegetables need to be a critical part of your every day eating regimen. They’re evidently appropriate and contain nutrients and minerals that may assist to hold you healthful. They also can assist guard in opposition to some diseases. A serve of fruit is ready one medium piece, 2 small portions of one

7 reasons to use greater Citrus culmination

Candy, brightly colored citrus culmination convey a burst of light into iciness days. But citrus culmination is not only flavorful and pretty — they’re additionally appropriate for you. This magnificence of culmination includes lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit, as well as many extra hybrids and sorts. They have got a group of fitness blessings, from

Simple and effective weight loss daily habits

  Weight loss is one of the important terms use these days. Everyone is looking to reduce his/her weight not only because people with more weight tends to have some diseases that affect them badly but one of another important factor in fashion. Models especially female models brag about their low weight. Now the problem

Preventing heart diseases

  Heart problem is one of a serious problem these days. But you can prevent heart diseases naturally and stay fit and active throughout your life. Heart diseases can be fatal. So you must keep a check on your heart. Because prevention is better than cure. So it is better that we take precautionary measures

How to cure kidney disease naturally

  The kidney is an important organ in our excretory system. It is a bean-shaped organ with an approximate size of your fist. Due to its importance in an excretory and immune system, it plays important role in the body. Working of kidney depends upon the food we eat. Hence more organic and natural food

Fashion Trends You Need to Know

With every upcoming year, the fashion trends change as well. Everyone wants to move along with the fashion trends, but for dressing up according to the on-going trends, you must know about the latest fashion trends. Some of the fashion trends are given below. You can wear them as they are or can mix two


  Living in the world does not only require learning a new language but also adapting to a culture according to place. Each culture has its customs and traditions. Which can be very different- even shocking- from your own culture. In this blog, we are going to describe some traditions and customs from various countries.

Western vs Traditional outfits

Our appearance is greatly affected by the clothes we wear. It is because of this reason that a growing number of people have begun to question. Whether we should wear our traditional clothes or follow western trends. Youngsters today argue that we must learn to go with the flow and therefore taking up new trends

Feminine Fashionism

Fashion is a style of living. It is a popular style of clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup etc. Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which a person dresses. Its trend goes beyond the aesthetic values, it emerges as an expressive tool for designers to deliver their message about the society. With