Author: Mahrosh Mughal

Facts About The Creativity tricks You Need To Know

Creativity means to create something from original ideas. Creativity is a mental characteristic that makes a person think something new or create something new that is meaningful. By working on the creativity of yourself, you are making yourself to be confident.  You are encouraging yourself to face all the problems and challenges of your life.

Reasons Why People Love Fashion.

FASHION Fashion is a manner of doing something, like the style of clothing, hair, and behavior that is popular at a particular time. The person who keeps himself with fashion is the follower of fashion. Everyone wants to look good and feel that he is acceptable in his social circle. Fashion enhance the appearance of

Why Habits Had Been So Popular Till Now?

HABITS Habit means that something we do often or regularly and really hard to give up. It is an action that considered bad because the one does something repeatedly and finds difficult to stop it. Habit is something that we do on a regular routine basis. These (habits) are not always bad, good habits are

Motivation For Healthy Lifestyle

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE WHAT IS HEALTH? Health means to be fit, free from illness, mentally or physically condition of the person. WHAT IS LIFESTYLE? Lifestyle means the way of living of person i.e how he eats, how he dresses up, living place, healthy life etc WHAT IS HEALTHY LIFESTYLE? The healthy lifestyle means to live a

Heart Problems Is Raising Day by Day

HEART PROBLEMS The Heart disease is the abnormality of heart that can cause death. Heart problems are mostly because of smoking. It is the disorder of the heart. In the whole world, the mostly death is because of heart problems. Heart disease can be cured by medication or surgeries. Doing exercise and quitting smoking can

Use of social Media as a Fashion

The trend of social media as a fashion is getting popular day by day. Nowadays people not only use this for a time pass. But also use it for business purposes and earning their livelihood from social media. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? Social media means to interact with people through media ( computer or mobile

Health Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

Facts about Healthy Lifestyle A healthy lifestyle to most of the people is meant to be healthy in terms of both mentally and physically. Mental and physical well-functioning is necessary for a healthy person. There are various instances where both mental and physical health is inter-linked. Hence, a good or bad change in just one