Author: Anam

Science Says Something about Carcinogen in Coffee

There is a lawsuit in California. If it gets successful then the stores which sell coffee would have to alert. Their customers that one cup of joe might be a risk for cancer. On the other hand, coffee companies say that though coffee contains a carcinogen. It is a chemical that is acrylamide. It is

A Migraine and Risk of Heart Disease

According to the latest research from Denmark, people who suffer from migraines might have higher chances to face cardiovascular problems. The migraines linked to a high risk of various heart problems. Include heart attack, atrial fibrillation, stroke, and blood clots which begin in the veins of a person. The migraines are basically considered as a headache disorder.

Inflammatory Diet Enhances Colorectal Cancer

A recent study has suggested that the inflammatory diet might increase a risk of colorectal cancer in a person.The study reveals that people who got their diet high in the foods. Considered to increase the inflammation levels in their bodies. They were having more chances to get colorectal cancer as compared to the people who had a

Flu May lead to a Heart Attack

Flu itself is quite a serious problem. A research from Canada reveals that the flu can cause the heart attack. According to the study, the risk of getting a heart attack in patients became 6 times higher in the 1st week of the flu diagnosis. The study highlighted the significance of having a flu shot in order

Effects of Marijuana on Your Health

You are not alone if you have ever eaten some pot-laced brownie or smoked a joint. In the USA, more than one in three people have tried marijuana at least once in their lives. Although, its infrequent use is not dangerous for health. Pot might affect your mind and body as it enters into the system. Physical