Developed means bring something into existence. Having specified physical proportion (for a person), advanced economically or socially (for the country). Developing countries also means who are poorer and less advanced, low level of technology. They are trying to make their country developed by their abilities. Beside it, they have no wealth, they have the ability to become more advanced.


In developing countries, there is a lot of problems that they are facing, first is ‘CONFLICT’. Many developing countries are also facing conflict problem and they are hugely diverse. Religious crises exit and it creates hurdles for the development.

Firstly, Corruption is present in a very large amount, bad policies are also a problem for developing countries. In developing countries, there is also lack of facilities like electricity, water, education etc. There is no proper system for cleaning that leads to illness and various disease and then no proper system of medicine.


The basic thing for making a country developed is the selection of GOVERNMENT. Moreover, until the government will not work effectively and properly, there are no chances of any development. For making a country developed, people of that country should get a good education.

For development, the education system should be good. In developing countries, there is lack of housing. People are living in tents, where there is no system of cleaning and healthy food which lead to diseases. Firstly, for development, there should be work on the housing facilities so that people live the healthy life.

In developing countries, there are differences among people according to their status. For making country developed, there should be no differences among them. The right should be equal for everyone. They have to stand for their nation and support each other.

In developing countries, the things that need to control is childbirth. People have to make awareness of good and bad things. Reduce the use of illegal drugs or anything. The government should make policy for that. Taxes policy should make and make it compulsory for everyone, strict rules should be applied for this.


For making country developed, everyone also has to take part in that. We also have to work hard, honestly should be the first priority. Make awareness of education, save money and invest it wisely. Also, give chance to everyone to work and encourage people for their legal work and support them.

Follow the rules and punish crimes and select an able person for any management. Do what you can do for your nation and also trust on ALLAH who loves the effort. Truly, we can’t get anything by sitting idly make yourself useful. You have to make your future secure and also your country should be future is important for you.

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