The Common Women Health Issues Now a Days

The health is the state of a complete physical, social well-being, and mental. And doesn’t mean the only absence of infirmity or disease. We believe that health is something related to physical psychology or social satisfaction. If a person is not suffering from any disease it means he is a healthy person. The women health is very important for families. Because it is interlinked with the families. If a woman is strong and healthy then children will also be. We can say that a healthy woman is the identity of a healthy family.

Here are some women’s health issues that are common and need to control;

Depression: The depression is common in both men and women. But it is more popular and common in women that is also the reason for women death. The evidence proved that as compared to men women are the more liable to experience depression and anxiety.


Breast Cancer: The early study shows that the half of a million deaths of women is due to the breast cancer every year. Breast cancer is very common cancer that affects the women.


Stroke:  In United States, the most common women’s health issue is the stroke. According to research, 55,000 women’s suffer from stroke every year in the United States. And the 60 percent women die from the stroke.


Sex Transmitted Disease: Unsafe sex, especially in developing countries, is the common risk factor for the women’s health. The sex transmitted disease is the very common health issue for the women. This is common in between the ages of 13 to 45 years.


Domestic Violence: Almost 40% of the women in the world are the victims of the domestic violence. But this violence not only ends the relation. It also affects the health of a woman seriously. This violence’s also put the women at the risk of many issues. Like the suicide, depression, HIV infection, unintended pregnancy, physical injury that can be long-term, alcohol abuse, and even the death. Mostly murdered women were also killed by their partners.


Autoimmune Disorder: According to the American research about 74 percent of the autoimmune disease found in the women. In an autoimmune disorder, the immune system attacks the body and alters or destroys all the tissue. That leads to many diseases and complications for the women.


Addiction Issues: There are a lot of women with the health disorders that developed by some type of the addiction. The addiction can be of alcohol, drugs, or the particular behavior. The addiction is the often life danger or threatening force and damaging also. In case you or your beloved one are experiencing these effects of the addiction. That can lead to much other health disorder. Then there is important thing is to seek help for it before any serious damage.


These are some women health issues that are very common nowadays. I hope you will like this article.

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