Good Health and Its Importance

Good Health is the greatest blessing of life. Health is a dynamic process because it is always changing with age or different climatic changes. We all have times of good health, times of sickness, and maybe even times of serious illness. As our lifestyles change, so does our level of health. As we all know, a person in the pink of health enjoys all the good things of life. He finds vigor and strength to do his work and relishes the food he takes. The person feels life in every limb. He keeps a cheerful temper and goes through life’s journey with joy.

Those of us who take part in regular physical activity do so partly to improve the current and future level of our health. As our lifestyle improves, our health also improves and we experience less disease and stress. Physical health is only one aspect of our overall health.
The other components of health that are just as important as physical health are following:

  • Social health-The ability to interact well with people and the environment and to have satisfying relationships with friends or your partner.


  • Mental health-The ability to learn and grow intellectually. Life experiences, as well as more formal structures (e.g., school), enhance mental health or games exercises like yoga also improve mental disorders.


  • Emotional health-The ability to control emotions so that you feel comfortable expressing them and can express them appropriately and tell others what you exactly feel like.


  • Spiritual health-A belief in some unifying force. It varies from person to person but has the concept of faith at its core.

Each day we work our level of health and wellness is utilize. The pursuit of health, personal growth, and improved quality of life relies on living a balanced life. To achieve balance, we need to care for our mind, body, and spirit.

The importance of good health:

The famous saying “HEALTH IS WEALTH” highlights the importance health in our life. Good health is very important because a person of good health can put through a large amount of work in a short time. A person of good health does not deny his duties. He can work properly and leaves nothing undone. As a student, he shines in his examinations.

If we take enough care of our health we will work more properly and attentively. Good Health is never replaced by anything in this universe. By taking care of our health we feel satisfied and happy and you will have a positive mind and energetic body. The good diet plays a vital role in the maintenance of your health. We know that whatever we eat it is clearly shown on our face.

Top ways to maintain good health:

  • Physical exercise: Good health can be gained and preserved by plenty of exercise in the open air. They may take exercise in any gymnasium regularly. Physical exercise should take regularly and only for a short period or you can fix a time for the workout which is easy for you.


  •  Early morning walk: We should get up early and take a brisk walk along with water or juice bottle. Morning walk keeps you energized and healthy. Your whole day will freshen by morning walk.


  •  Play: Younger men may play football or cricket and an outdoor game. They may swim or rowboats or they can play cricket hockey and table tennis. Playing games always beneficial for our health and our body exercise during games.


  •  Balanced diet: Our diet should be balanced. We should take proper food. Ordinary, food that we take is enough for health, if we take it fresh and in proper quantity. Too much eating in extremely bad for our body. The food that we eat is to be taken in regular hours. Another important thing about food is that we should not bolt our meals. Food taken hurriedly is not well digested and stomach takes times to digest which can disturb your sleep.


  •  Proper rest and sleep: Another thing about health is that we should rest and sleep in time. Early to bed and early to rise is an essential rule for good health. A person, who labors too hard may ruins health soon we should not work like a robot which is harmful to our health mentally and physically both.


  •  Keep anxieties away: The main thing for staying in good health is to free the mind from cares and anxieties as far as possible. A care-worn man cannot enjoy his rest or sleep soundly at night. All types of depression fall your health down so eat healthy stay healthy and avoid stress.

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