Flu May lead to a Heart Attack

Flu itself is quite a serious problem. A research from Canada reveals that the flu can cause the heart attack. According to the study, the risk of getting a heart attack in patients became 6 times higher in the 1st week of the flu diagnosis.

The study highlighted the significance of having a flu shot in order to avoid the disease. According to Dr. Jeff Kwong, “Patients who are at risk the risk of getting heart attack must take the precautions in order to avoid infections, especially influenza. They should take measures like hand washing and vaccinations.”

American Heart Association (AHA) states that patients at the risk of a heart attack might include those with the smokers, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, high cholesterol level, and above age 65. Patients must consult their doctors to prevent the risk of having a heart disease.

Past studies have revealed that there is a connection between heart attacks and flu. But there are some limitations of these studies. For instance, these studies had not confirmed that the patients had flu.

In the latest study, researchers have analyzed the information from 20,000 adults living in Ontario. They aged 35 and older. From 2009 to 2014, they also had flu and 332 patients got admitted to the hospital. Just because of the heart attack. Almost half of the patients were having diabetes. 40% fats in their blood and 85% had the problem of high blood pressure.

These researchers looked at the heart attack ratio during a week. When those patients had flu called risk interval. And then the researchers compared it with the heart attack ratio. During previous or next year called control interval.

The researchers revealed that 20 patients hospitalized for the heart attack each week. During risk interval as compared to the just 3 hospitalizations each week during control interval. No increment in the rate of heart attack noticed after the 1st week of the flu.

According to Kwong, “Our results have supported international guidelines. The research has found that risk of a heart attack due to flu might be more for those people who are 65 and above, and who infected with the flu virus that is influenza B virus.

There‚Äôre various ways that getting flu might enhance the risk of the heart attack. Harvard Health Blog has revealed that inflammation that caused by the immune response of the body to the virus might make plaque inside the blood vessels unsustainable. This can lead to the blockage of the artery. Moreover, AHA found that if a person gets the flu then his heart might require more working in order to pump the blood from his lungs. This increases anxiety in his heart. according to the AHA.

These researchers o the study found that the research just involved those patients who were having a serious illness. It is not obvious from the study that whether those patients who are having the minor infections will also be at the same risk for getting the heart attack.


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