How to cure kidney disease naturally


The kidney is an important organ in our excretory system. It is a bean-shaped organ with an approximate size of your fist. Due to its importance in an excretory and immune system, it plays important role in the body. Working of kidney depends upon the food we eat. Hence more organic and natural food we eat lesser the work kidney does.

Kidney extract waste from blood, balance body fluids, form urine, and aid in other important function of the body. So basically if we eat food that contains toxic complex ingredient more work our kidneys do, more waste substances it has to filter. Kidney disease is more common due to many factors in your diet.

Kidney diseases disrupt the flow of kidney working mostly arises due to overworking and more toxic materials in the body. Some of the important reasons are high blood sugar i-e diabetes and high blood pressure. Different medicines that contain complex structure which on decomposition can cause kidney problem.

Moreover, street drugs and illegal street drugs like heroine, cocaine etc are also harmful to a kidney. Because their removal from blood is difficult. the kidney filters these drugs and sends the extracted material for removal. Some time can be stored them for short amount of time. This may cause kidney stones which lead to pain and may cause kidney failure.

Prevention and Cure: Prevention and Cure of kidney disease are quite easy. We do not need different complex and toxic medicines. Which may effect the body in another way or it may be quite expensive. So it is better that we treat naturally following

  • Stop Smoking: Smoking is injurious to health and body in general. According to American Physiological Society nicotine (contained in cigarettes)is one of the major factors in kidney diseases.


  • Control your level: Control level of sugar,  cholesterol, blood pressure don’t eat too much sugar, and food with fats.


  • Diet: Control your diet eat smart and healthy don’t overeat don’t drink and eat artificial things like soda, candies, gums. And any processed food etc eat more organic food vegetable, fruit, and grains.


  • Drink water: Water purifies waste and is helpful in digestion and filtration of waste material from the body. Because too much concentration results in kidney stones so to remove them drink more water.


  • Exercise: Exercise helps in kidney functions. It also helps to increase metabolism rate and digestion rate which in return reduce work pressure on the kidney.


  • Alcohol: It damages the working and function of digestive system and kidneys. As to remove it from the kidney is a difficult task.


  • Dates and Dry fruits: Dry fruit and Dates contain a lot of potassium and magnesium. Which helps to reduce stress over a kidney.


  • Baking Soda: It helps to remove stones from kidney helps in excretion of waste materials. Moreover, it helps to break certain complex material and hence allow us to make more energy and low complex toxic material.


  • Sea food: Sea food like shell fish and fish like tuna help kidney in its functionality. Moreover, seaweed sushi and kelp are also helpful to eat sea food at least once in a week to help your kidney
  • Moreover blackberries, Watermelon, blueberries , Red Grapes, Parsley, Ginger, spinach help to cure kidney diseases,

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