Important Periods Hacks for Girls

Once a month we all girls go through a menstrual cycle, which is the sign of the healthy body of us. During the periods, we all become so protective although it’s a sign of healthy body and it comes with mood swings, pimples, cramps. There are some hacks which can be followed to make this period trouble free.

Hacks for Girls:

CONSUME OF CALCIUM: Calcium is an important nutrient for women because it helps in normal blood flow and providing body strength. It is necessary for women to consume daily Twelve Hundred mg of calcium.

calcium hack

Breakout of Pimples:  During periods skin gets oily and mostly women face pimples problem due to oil on the skin. So for this, you can use some products which contain salicylic acid which will help in removing excess of oil from the skin.

pimple hack

Healthy Sleep: During periods better sleep is the problem of many women, they feel trouble while sleeping. In this situation, oil will work as a medicine. Before sleeping, you only have to pour few drops of oil on your pillow. By this way, you will feel comfortable.

Sleep hack

Drink Plenty Of Water: Due to periods, your body loses fluids so for the compensation you have to drink plenty of water instead of the fizzy and sweetened drinks.

water hack

Avoid Cramps: If you are habitual of drink coffee or tea then you are in for the cramps. To avoid these worse cramps you have to avoid an excess of caffeine. It is not only during periods but also normally you have to avoid this bad habit.

cramp hack

Intake of Protein: Almost all women feel laziness and tiredness during periods. To feel active you all have to consume protein daily. The quantity of protein should be 46 grams every day. It will give energy and alertness to you.

protein hack

Pain Ease: For easing your abdominal pain you can massage your abdominal by using this mixture. You have to take two drops of the lavender, 1drop of a clary sage oil, 1drop of a rose, and one teaspoon of the almond oil and mix them together in any bowl.

pain hack

Dark Chocolates: Due to bleeding our body loses a lot of magnesium. So, the dark chocolates will help in regaining the magnesium level.

Dark chocolate hack

I hope so this will helpful for every woman.


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