Some Important Tips For Keeping Blood Sugar Stable

For keeping the blood sugar stable we have to make sure that our diet includes vitamins, protein, fibers, and the healthy fat. Also for saving yourself from diabetes, firstly, you have to keep your blood sugar stable. Blood sugar stability also keeps your energy stable.

How can you keep your Blood Sugar Stable?

For keeping anything normal or stable we need to follow some instruction. In the same way, for keeping blood sugar normal we also need to follow some tips that are as follows;


The muscles consume the glucose, a sugar in the bloodstream. Some period of time, it might lower the levels of blood sugar. It also helps in making the insulin in the body to work efficiently. After hours walk and workout we can get these benefits. But don’t do exercise or workout too much that can lead to increase insulin which can become a reason for raising the blood sugar.

Eating vegetables and leafy green:

We eat vegetables and leafy green as a salad not only for the better health. But these are especially necessary for the stability of blood sugar. Vegetables and the leafy green are low in carbohydrate and high in fiber that is the perfect meal for the blood sugar stability.

Good sleep:

The good sleep is very important for the good health. Sleep helps in regulating the blood sugar. Glucose tolerance is depending on our sleep. If we do not sleep properly our glucose tolerance will also reduce. That is difficult for the cell to uptake the glucose, which is the reason for high blood pressure.


It is not just for the filling in the small portion but it is also yummy. Almond is the healthy fat that is packed with the fibers. Fibers help in stabilizing the level of blood sugar by controlling the levels of insulin and the blood glucose in during/ after meals.

Low Glycemic Index Food:

For the stability of blood sugar level, our diet should contain the low glycemic index. Some low glycemic foods are:

  • Meat
  • Legumes
  • Fish
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Seeds
  • Nuts


Balance Diet:

Overeating also increases the level of blood sugar. So we should follow some guidelines for the food by the doctors. All Foods cause the blood sugar to rise so we need to control our diet portion for the stability of blood sugar

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

Following are the symptoms of the high blood sugar;

  • Tiredness
  • A headache
  • Increased hunger
  • Increased thirst
  • Blurred vision
  • Excessive urination

Symptoms of Low Blood sugar

Following are the symptoms of low blood sugar;

  • Pale skin
  • Low energy
  • Coordination lack
  • Tiredness feeling
  • Feeling sweaty
  • Irregular or the fast heartbeat




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