Inflammatory Diet Enhances Colorectal Cancer

A recent study has suggested that the inflammatory diet might increase a risk of colorectal cancer in a person.The study reveals that people who got their diet high in the foods. Considered to increase the inflammation levels in their bodies. They were having more chances to get colorectal cancer as compared to the people who had a different kind of diet.

Especially, males who were following the inflammatory diet had 44% more chances to get colorectal cancer. Females who were following the inflammatory diet had 22% more chances to have colorectal cancer. The results of the study suggested that “techniques to decrease the worse role of the pro-inflammatory diet might decrease a risk of colorectal cancer”.


Literature has revealed that the inflammation in a human body plays a vital role to develop colorectal cancer. For instance, various studies have found out that men and women who take the anti-inflammatory medications regularly. Like aspirin, get the lower risk of colorectal cancer development as compared to men and women who do not take the medications regularly.


Moreover, foods that people eat might affect the inflammation levels in the bodies. Hence it is quite possible that food intakes connected with the higher inflammation levels in a body can increase a risk of colorectal cancer.

In order to check this connection. The researchers have examined information that is collected from the Health Professionals on more than 121,000 people. They were followed for almost twenty-five years. At the beginning of this study, females were from thirty to fifty-five years old. While males were forty to seventy-five years old. Almost 2,700 participants had developed colorectal cancer during the study period.

All the participants had to answer the questions about the current diets after every 4 years. Researchers were using this information for calculating the inflammatory score for the diet of the participants. Scores which low indicated the anti-inflammatory diets and diets which contains foods with the low inflammation levels in a body. Higher scores indicated the pro-inflammatory diets and those diets which contained foods with the high inflammation level in a body.


According to the research, there are various examples of the pro-inflammatory foods. Including processed meats, beverages like soda, and refined grains. The researchers also mentioned many examples of anti-inflammatory foods. Like coffee, tea, dark-yellow vegetables (like carrots, sweet potatoes, and yellow squash) and green vegetables. (More interestingly, a pizza also considered being the anti-inflammatory food. It is so because paste of the tomato has the high level of a compound that is lycopene).


Overall, those who were having the highest scores of inflammation have thirty-two percent more chances to get colorectal cancer. As compared to those people who were having the lowest scores of inflammation. The results got after these researchers also included those elements that might affect a risk of colorectal cancer. That include age, regular use of aspirin, family history of cancer. A habit of smoking, a large amount of alcohol intake, and physical activity.

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