Keep Blood Sugar Stable By These Little Things

In case of having diabetes is challenging for all the day for keeping the levels of blood sugar (glucose) stable.  The good control of blood sugar also involves too many factors. The highs preventing means is to get the correct amount of the insulin in the right manner at the right time. You should also know the percentage of fat, carbohydrate, and protein amount in the meal that you are eating. Here, I am going to tell you some tips for stable the blood sugar.

stable blood sugar

Stable Blood sugar

Following are some home remedies for stable the blood sugar.

Sugar Intake:

Consume of a sugar is linked with the developing resistance for the insulin. The more sugar you used, you have more chances of the spike in blood sugar. The rise of blood sugar also happened when cells get failed for responding to releasing the insulin. Due to this body cannot control the blood sugar.

Drink water:

Next tip for the stable of blood sugar is; drink plenty of water. If you do not drink enough water them there is more chance for rising of the blood sugar. In the situation of the dehydrated, the body also produces the vasopressin hormone. This hormone also encourages the kidney for retaining the fluid and also stops the body to flush the excess of sugar out from the urine. Moreover, try to drink a lot of water in a day for the stability of blood sugar.

Chromium Intake:

For the control of blood sugar, the chromium is the best way for its control. The amount of the chromium must be less. It helps in stabilizing the blood sugar by enhancing the action of the insulin.  It also encourages the cells for absorbing the sugar from a blood.


The fiber made by those parts of the plant that our body cannot digest. There are two types of fibers. One is soluble and other is insoluble. The soluble fiber helps to control the blood sugar spike. Following are soluble fiber sources are:

  • Nuts
  • Fruits such as apples, blueberries, and the oranges.
  • Legumes
  • Vegetables

Refined Carbs:

For the control of a blood sugar, you need to eat fewer refined carbs food. The refined carbs can easily digest due to glycemic index present in it. And also lead to increase the level of blood sugar. The refined carbs are; soda, white rice, candy, desserts etc.


The exercise is also very important for controlling the spike of blood sugar. It increases the sensitivity of the cells to the insulin hormone. Moreover, the exercise helps the muscle to absorb the sugar from the blood. This leads to lower the blood sugar.

You all can keep your blood sugar stable by just doing this:

  • Take medicine daily if needed or prescribed by the doctor
  • Make the healthy choice of a food
  • Always be physically fit
  • Eat properly; your food must contain low carbohydrate. If you are overweight, try to must lose your weight.

So, these are few tips for stable the blood sugar. I hope you will follow this for to stable the blood sugar.




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