Preventing heart diseases


Heart problem is one of a serious problem these days. But you can prevent heart diseases naturally and stay fit and active throughout your life. Heart diseases can be fatal. So you must keep a check on your heart. Because prevention is better than cure. So it is better that we take precautionary measures to prevent heart problems. Prevention is quite easy and by following few steps we can definitely remain healthy and can enjoy a wonderful life. So without any future delay lets start:

  •  Stay happy: Happiness is a key factor in prevention. Most of the time heart disease is caused due to emotional stress, trauma or due to the psychological disorder or problem.


  • Eat Fruit: Many fruits contain a large number of minerals, eat melons berries, dates, grapes, banana resins to your daily diet.


  • Eat dry fruits: Dry fruits are rich in minerals, protien, starch, and fats. Which will help your heart to protect it self from different diseases and problem.


  • Eat vegetables: Add Vegetables to your daily routine diet. They are low omega-5 fats and high in vitamins and minerals. Vegetables like broccoli, pumpkin, tomato, ginger, garlic etc.


  • Quit Smoking: If you are a smoker and smoke a lot then its time for you to quit smoking. Save your money but more importantly your heart and your life. Nicotine not only damages your lungs but also your your kidney and heart.


  • Exercise: Exercise is one of the most important factors. That will keep you alive healthy strong and zealous through your day but also through out your whole life. It strenthens your heart, improves blood transport, removes fats from heart etc.


  • Avoid industrially produced vegetable oils: Avoid industrially produced vegetable oils. Because they are rich in omega-5 instead eat natural saturated fats and oil. The general rule of thumb if it comes in a package then don’t eat it.


  • Eat less Sugar: Most people believe that sugar produces a harmful effect on health. Especially teeth and if taken in large quantity may cause diabetes. Hence level of sugar in blood will increase. But not many people know that vegetables like potatoes,  rice, pasta and bread can cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin. And hence cause the problem of oxidative damage and inflammation.


  • Eat Fermented foods: Fermented fruits are very helpful in many activities in body but most importantly they provide vitamin k-2 and they are primary resource of vitamin k-2.


  • Maintain a healthy weight: Most people don’t care about weight too much they eat too much and generally in girls less eating and dieting is a fashion low weight cause serious problem in heart and more importantly too much weight means more fat which means accumulation of fats in veins that disturbs the natural flow of blood transport.

These above points will help you to reduce chances of heart problems and hence you will live a healthy life. Subscribe to our blog for more posts like these and share this post to your family and friends for a better life and future.


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