When a child is born, the only thing he can do is crying. Parents taught them everything they help their children for learning everything about life. Human life has basically three phases; childhood, adulthood and senior years. Human life as a child is the best phase. He has no care for anything. Everyone loves them, adore them and try to make them happy and save them from danger.

Human life as a young is the learning stage for a person. In this age, he learns many things, this age is a time between child and adult. This age is the healthiest age of a person, free from the disease they are generally in good health. In this age, parents help their children to learn about life and develop a strong sense of self and protected them from problems.

This is the age when a person makes the friend and attached to families emotionally. The young age is very emotional age. Mostly this age of people is depressed. This is the age of human mind building and young people easily affected by anything. Young people love to makes friends, they make their friend circle that can be good or bad this is the duty of their parents to keep eye on them.

Now a day children love to spend time online, that is not a positive thing to offer because this is the right time for children development and internet also has a dark side. For keeping away your children from the internet is not the solution, parents should talk them and asked them about their thought and plans and teach them right things and try to understand their children. Children first relation is their parents and they expect a lot of things from them.

Depression is the cause of suicide. Mostly young people also attempted suicide. The sign of depression is; depressed people get frustrated with everything, they also talk with anger and love to spend time alone, they neglect their diet, sleep, hygiene etc. Parents must understand their children psyche. Young people due to the bad company get addicted to bad and illegal things and commit crimes. As a parent this is your duty to taught them good and bad and which thing is physically and mentally good for them.

The common issue in the young people is; low mode, depression, fear, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, lack of confidence, loneliness etc. Some young people are also there who cannot study due to financial issues. They have to work for their families but no one cares about the thinking of that child and treat them badly. Young are doing suicide, in somehow we all are responsible for it.

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