Reading Has The Answer To Everything.

Reading is an act of getting information or ideas from books, it means communication. This is a method of achieving knowledge. It builds a relationship between a reader and text, it gives peace and pleasure to a reader. Reading is also a fun, it helps a person to create something and makes a person good creator. Reading is the first thing that children learn, it is the first step towards education. It makes a child’s to recognize words and make him able to write. Reading is something that you are gaining knowledge, more you read something, more you will get knowledge.


  • By reading, you learn new words and by the dictionary, you can understand the meaning of that word, and whenever that word come again you can easily understand that word.


  • For good speaker, you have to be a good reader, in a day you have to talk with a lot of people and everyone have their own way of addressing so reading will help you learn a way of speaking, reading basically makes you a good speaker and improves your speaking skills.


  • Why did we read? We read because we want information on that subject that we are reading like you are reading this article because you want to know about reading, so reading provides us information.


  • It makes a person intelligent because by reading our mind remain active and active mind do concentration. By reading, we get informed about things that is the quality of intelligence.


  • Reading also enhance our reading skills. Some people are the slow reader by reading they can improve their speed of reading.


  • It is the best way of spending time, it makes a person to aware of things and he can be a good debater.


  • Reading helps a person to relax and save him bad thoughts.


Reading makes a person to understand a thing. If we stop reading we will not understand and deprive ourselves of getting important knowledge. Reading is also a way to success. For gaining any skill literacy is important that we can get from reading. Reading develops our brain and also connects us with history. A good writer is also a good reader, For writing skill, your reading skill should be perfect that makes your mind and you too a creative person. For many degrees and subjects reader is essential things and for the job, reading skill is the plus point.


Reading makes a person good observer and he can easily understand what is going around him. whenever a word ‘reading’ comes. The first things that come to the mind of people for reading is the newspaper reading. Reading newspaper is the best thing, as through this we can get information about our laws and situation of the world. Some people love to read a newspaper during breakfast. Newspaper makes a public opinion. Newspaper fill a gap in life today and makes a person life active. Reading different types of books is also a good thing to learn about many things. It also helps man to make their life easy. Its depend on a person that which type of books they are reading.


Reading is an active process and makes it the passive process is our duty. So we have to develop a sense of learning and for that, we should have interest for that. Gilbert K. Chesterton once said: “There is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and the tired man who wants a book to read.”

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