Reasons Why People Love Fashion.


Fashion is a manner of doing something, like the style of clothing, hair, and behavior that is popular at a particular time. The person who keeps himself with fashion is the follower of fashion. Everyone wants to look good and feel that he is acceptable in his social circle. Fashion enhance the appearance of the person. Every country has their own trend of fashion.

Fashion is basically a styling of things, like how people live, talk, a behavior of people and how they dress. Fashion is always a center of attraction for many generations. And is most popular in the young generation and it always goes on changing time to time. New coming fashion although makes a person feels confident and special but fashion should apply according to the occasion, places and what will look good on you.

To look good and fit gym is nowadays is the very popular trend of fashion. This does not only make the person physically fit but also makes an attractive personality. In fashion, our place of living is also making a contribution. To look modern and according to trend our houses also decorate with attractive things that can be antique or different from others.

Fashion is making world glamorous but fashion does not mean to forget your culture. You have to be fashionable according to your culture and tradition as this should be your first priority because that is your identity. Fashion is not only meant for your outer beauty, you also focus on your inner beauty. That thing automatically makes a person good and confident.

Drinking is the symbol of the high society that is nowadays in trend. People are get inspire by the crush ad they want to himself like them, they follow their dressing styles, ornaments, lifestyle. But these things affect the students so there should be awareness about bad things that can be done by teachers, parents, and NGO etc.

Although as PAKISTANI we are a free country still we are a follower of western countries. We are forgetting our culture that means we are losing our identity. People are making money only to improve their lifestyle. They used a lot of on dresses, on food, on houses construction, on cosmetics, on jewelry. But if they used that part of the money on country benefits, on needy people. That not only become outer beautiful but also inner and they will live respectfully in a society.

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