Reduce Blood Pressure Without Medication

Have you ever notice or check the reading of your blood pressure? In case you’re a woman or a man over the age of 55 or 45 then you cannot ignore the condition of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. The High blood pressure (hypertension) may also lead to the heart attack and the stroke. It is also the leading cause of a death for the Americans. You may also have the high blood pressure condition without any symptoms experience. That is why it is important to check the blood pressure regularly.  In this article, I am going to tell you how to reduce blood Pressure without medication. So let’s start it.

reduce blood pressure

Reduce Blood Pressure without Medication

In case you have the condition of hypertension, then you need to control it. In this condition, the heart has to work more hard for pumping the blood through the body. Here are some remedies for you to reduce the blood pressure without medication.

The Cut of Salt:

The salt isn’t a problem when we talk about the high blood pressure. But salt has a chemical component known as sodium. The little bit quantity of a salt is fine but the too much quantity of the sodium disturbs the fluid balance in the body. Water will be drawn from the surrounding tissues if you want to flush the excess quantity of the salt from the system. It will be hard for the heart to pump the blood due to the high volume of the liquid results which lead to high blood pressure. It is difficult to cut the quantity of salt from the food. But if you do it slowly like every day you add less and less salt in your cooking then you may lower the blood pressure.

You need to lose weight:

If you want to maintain your blood pressure then you need to maintain your weight also. Because often the blood pressure increases as the weight increases. Overweight also create breathing problem while sleeping, which lead to high blood pressure. So, you need to maintain your waistline. Because carrying the too much weight around the waistline leads to the high blood pressure. Men waistline should not be greater than the 40 inches. Women waistline should not be greater than the 35 inches. By maintaining your weight you can also maintain your blood pressure.

The Coconut Water:

Next natural way to reduce blood pressure without medication is the coconut water. The coconut has natural benefits in the raw and the organic form. The heart is also a giant muscle and coconut also contain potassium and magnesium that is related to the regular function of muscles. The study also found that coconut water is very effective for lowering the blood pressure. If you have no problem with the coconut water then it will be the perfect remedy to lower the blood pressure.

Healthy Diet:

The healthy diet means that rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and also low fats of dairy product.  This healthy diet is the best way for lowering the blood pressure in case you’ve got the hypertension situation. It is not so easy to change your diet but you can stick to your goal. Nothing is impossible in the world. You should do focus on the dairy foods, potassium boosting foods, fruits etc. to reduce the blood pressure without medication.

The exercise:

With the healthy diet, the exercise is also important. Because no one else can do this, that exercise can do. With the exercise, the heart that is a muscle will grow stronger. The stronger heart will easily pump the blood and take less effort. The exercise is also helpful for losing weight that is a plus point to reduce blood pressure. You can do any exercise that can rise up the rate of respiration and also the heart rate. You have to do exercise on regular basis for 30 minutes.

Avoid Stress:

To reduce the blood pressure, you need to avoid the stress. Stress is the main reason for the high blood pressure. By eating the unhealthy diet and the excess use of alcohol may lead to the risk of high blood pressure. Instead of thinking about the stress caused, you may think about how to reduce stress. In the stress situation, you should try to do those things that you love to do. Share your problems with your close one. Try to avoid those people who cause stress.

The use of Garlic:

The garlic is the very beneficial home remedy for many ailments. In case to reduce blood pressure then you may use the tablet contain garlic. To lower the blood pressure, then you should take a tablet that contains Allicin, which is present in garlic. This Allicin that is present in tablet form will surely help in reducing the blood pressure.

Eat Water Melon:

If you have the problem of high blood pressure, for reducing the blood pressure you need to eat watermelon every morning with empty stomach. The watermelon is very beneficial summer fruits. It helps in widening the blood vessels, which will lower the vascular resistance that leads to lower blood pressure.

The Fish Oil:

The fish oil is the best thing for the heart. It reduces the risk of stroke and the heart diseases. So, it is also good and effective for the lowering of blood pressure. The patients of the heart transplant also use the fish oil to reduce the high blood pressure while following the transplant.

The friends and the Supportive family may also help in improving the health. They all can encourage and support you by taking care of yourself. Moreover, they can drive you to the doctor clinic or the hospital. They all can also go with you for the program of exercise for helping you in keeping the blood pressure maintain. So, these are some tips to reduce blood pressure without medication. I hope so it will helpful for you so must recommend this to others.

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