The Shocking Revelation of Sleep That You Should Know


For our physical health sleep plays a vital role in our life because it helps in repairing & healing of our blood vessels & heart. Lack of sleeping increase the risk of the diseases related to heart like; diabetics, kidney disease, stroke & high blood pressure. Most potential problems linked with chronic that are serious problems. Deprivation of sleep is diabetic, high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attack or stroke. According to many pieces of research if your regular routine is involved in too much sleeping you have the most chance of diabetes, stroke, heart disease & death. More than nine-hour sleep in a day is the sign of too much sleep.

Lack of sleep can also kill us. In old time no one believes that by staying awake for a long period of time can kill us. But, after the research that was done on rats, after thirty-two days without sleep become a reason for rats death now it could say that sleep deprivation can kill. But still, many researchers do not agree with this. While too much sleeping also leads to death like drinking alcohol too much, smoking too much, poorly eating all are the reason for death. In the same way, sleeping too much can also lead to death, regular sleeping for six-year increase the risk of death at least 44 percent.

The normal sleeping period that your body need is at least eight hours. Good sleep also maintain your health, here are some ways that will help you in boosting your health.

• Less sleep becomes a reason for weight gaining. Researchers studies show that people who sleep less than seven-hour in a day have a more chance of gaining weight. So obviously, by sleeping more than seven-hour in a day you will not put on weight.
• Regular less sleep also increases the risk for diabetics. So for safety, you have to sleep properly because by less sleeping will disturb your body functions.
• Less sleep increases the heart rate, blood pressure which leads to the heart problem which can be a reason of your death.

• Set your sleeping time make your body and mind used to get sleep at your set time every day.
• For enough sleep you can keep a sleep diary with you, a doctor will also recommend you for this.
• Your sleeping place should be quiet, dark and tidy.
• Relaxation exercise will also help you in getting good sleep and help you from sleep effects.
• You have to make sure that your sleeping mattress and pillow should be comfortable for you.
• Avoid sleeping in the daytime and avoid eating the heavy meal.
• Avoid the alcohol before your bedtime for saving yourself from sleep effects.


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