Save Your Environment For Your Good Health

An environment is the surrounding situation of our living area. Where we live, what type of people are living there, what they eat and wear, how they live and behave etc are included in the environment. Where we live it is our duty to keep that area clean. For good health, an environment of an area should be good. Environment depends on people who are living there, it is up to the people that how they keep their environment. The first thing that should be in people is harmony, brotherhood. We have to keep our colony clean and try to plant some trees there. If we keep our area clean we can save ourselves from many diseases.

For saving environment we all have to take participate in it, an ocean is a collection of water drops, in the same way, if we want a good result for that we have to unite. If every individual takes only one responsibility on himself and fulfills that responsibility with honesty, then it will become very easy to make environment good. If one takes responsibility for water that he will take care of water facility, water sanitary system and everyone should drink clean water. Second one if take responsibility for cleaning of streets, in the same way, there is a lot of responsibility that an individual can take and by fulfilling with honesty will help in saving the environment.

Cutting of trees is the worst thing for putting environment into danger. It is true cutting of trees is necessary for many things but if you are cutting trees so you have to plant more trees. The government has to make some strict rule for the safety of the environment. Everyone has to follow otherwise punished them who don’t follow rules. There should be dustbin on every corner of streets so that people don’t throw garbage in front of houses. There should be a duty of someone to pick that garbage every day and throw it away from living areas.

People should get an education that also helps in getting knowledge about the environment. Education makes a person sincere and responsible. For making something perfect, first you have to be a responsible and sincere person because lack of interest does not make anything perfect, so for an environment safety, you have to take interest on saving it and fulfill your responsibility wisely.

We should not waste water and always try to save electricity by switching off the extra appliances. Cleaning of our houses is not only needed for a clean environment but we also have to clean our streets. We should not throw garbage everywhere, planting of trees is the best thing for making environment fresh and beautiful. We should reduce the use of chemicals and recycle the products.

Avoid the use of transport where you can go on a bike or by foot and by the public transport. Because an excess of transport on road creates air and noise pollution that is not good for the healthy environment. Use gas stove instead of the wood stove. Because firstly for the wood stove you have to cut the trees and second thing wood stove that makes atmosphere full of smoke. Use energy-saving light instead of old bulbs. Nothing will happen according to our wish until we will not try so for making anything perfect. Firstly make yourself perfect for doing anything. Change yourself first everything will change easily.

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