Science Says Something about Carcinogen in Coffee

There is a lawsuit in California. If it gets successful then the stores which sell coffee would have to alert. Their customers that one cup of joe might be a risk for cancer.

On the other hand, coffee companies say that though coffee contains a carcinogen. It is a chemical that is acrylamide. It is not there in the drinks which are more to enhance a risk of cancer.


This chemical develops when the foods like coffee beans, toast, french fries, breakfast cereals. Also, potato chips and canned black olives get heated to the high temperature.

It is used in some industries in order to make the acrylamide copolymers and polyacrylamide. These substances used in the production of the paper, plastics, and dyes. These substances used in treating wastewater and drinking water.

Despite the industrial use of the acrylamide. The typical ways through which people exposed this chemical are by food and smoking of a cigarette. Hence, people can decrease an amount of the acrylamide in the diet. Through not crisping and brown the starchy foods.

The journal Nutrition and Cancer Quitting stated that the smoking might also assist. Because people who do smoking have 3 to 5 times an amount of the acrylamide exposure in the blood than who do not smoke.

Can acrylamide increase the risk of cancer?

When it enters the body. The acrylamide changed into the glucosamine. That is a substance which might cause the damage to DNA and mutations. According to NCI, though the exposure of acrylamide is known to enhance a risk of cancer in the rodents. The evidence about it is quite less clear for human beings.

Some of the studies have suggested that the acrylamide might increase the risk of cancer risk in human beings. But other studies reveal that this does not have any effect. This is possible that the researchers have mixed results in human beings. As it is challenging to know how much the acrylamide is in the diets of people.

In addition to it, human beings and rodents take in as well as metabolize the acrylamide. That might explain disparate results between human beings and rodents.

But according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Due to its connection with the rodents, acrylamide’s listed as the carcinogen. It is an agency that is a part of the World Health Organization.

Due to the listing, according to CNN. There is a California nonprofit group name Council for Education and Research on Toxics. It has already sued many companies. Which sell or make the coffee that includes 7-Eleven, Starbucks, and BP.

In addition, According to the  IARC have not listed the coffee as the carcinogen. Drinking coffee might actually assist to reduce the risk of cancer. For example, drinking coffee associated with the reduced risk of colon cancer. Also endometrial cancer, liver cancer, and 1 kind of skin cancer.

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