A face is that part of our body that always is in a notice. We all want that our face should be fresh, healthy and our skin should be, flawless and acne-free. For that we have to follow some skin care tips. For a healthy glow skin, you have to get enough sleep. Protect yourself from harmful chemicals that can be in the form of product that you use. Also do exercise that will help in maintaining a healthy glow.


Here are some skin care tips for making your skin flawless and beautiful;

  • First skin care tip is drink plenty of water daily, at least 8 glasses you should drink because by drinking a small amount of water, your body functions in a less optimal way. When you feel thirsty, it will take a toll on your skin, due to that you will look dull and saggy.
  • Sun heat is good for us, it gives Vitamin-D but a small amount of daily sun is beneficial for us and also enough for gaining Vitamin-D, too much sun will damage our skin, so never forget to wear sunglasses and use some sunscreen.
  • For fewer wrinkles, you have to use a large amount of vitamin-C in your diet but avoid sugar, which causes wrinkles, eat healthy fat food for a youthful look of your skin.
  • Do exercise daily that will increase the circulation of oxygen and release toxins through sweats, which leads to clearer skin.
  • Stress is not good for your skin glow so do yoga for relief and share your problems with your friends instead of a lot of thinking.
  • In morning time always wash your face with cleanser according to your skin tone . Once your face is dry and clean apply skin toner by using a pad with gently rubbing on skin. It will reduce the excess of cleanser and impurities.
  • Get enough sleep daily and always apply the serum before sleeping, serum is useful for reducing lines, wrinkles and spots, it will moisturize and nourish your skin and also brighten your skin.
  • For the removal of acne, you can use a natural remedy. Take 20 basil leaves and 2 teaspoons of turmeric, grind them separately and mix it. Consume it¬† 15 minutes before a meal by mixing a half teaspoon in water. Rest you can store in a jar and use it 3 times a day.
  • Tiredness, oversleep, stress etc is the reason of dark circles under eyes. For the removal of a dark circle you can use a natural remedy. For that take rose water and two cotton balls. Soak the cotton balls in rose water and place them under eyes and leave them on 15 minutes.

By using skin care tips, you can make your skin healthy and glow.


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