The Most Modern Cause Of Back Pain

The lifting of the heavy object and the things of that kind of nature may lead to the issues of lower back pain. But there are other things also that become a reason of lower back pain. Have you ever notice your daily routine?  Your activities during the whole day could be the reason of lower back pain. Today we will discuss some modern cause of back pain so stay with this article.

Modern cause of Back Pain:

Following are some modern cause of back pain that you should know so that you may avoid those reasons and save yourself from the back pain:

back pain

Brushing teeth: Yeah, it is true that while brushing teeth you may lead to back pain. But it does not mean that you stop brushing your teeth. You may brush your teeth with care like don’t bend for a long toward the sink. Bending for 2 to 3 min may lead to back pain especially for the taller one.

Sleeping Reason: It isn’t uncommon for the positions of poor sleep result in the pain of lower back especially for the stomach sleepers. Many of the patients who are habitual to sleep on the stomach have experienced the back pain. That partially caused by the poor position of a spine during the sleep.

Taking of the stairs: In healthy habit taking of the stairs is also included.  Everything is in the moderation. But going to the up and down also place a stress on the back which may lead to the back pain and also knee pain. While taking the stairs you need to slower pace.

Shaving: Next modern cause of back pain is the shaving. Most of the men do shave every day. While shaving the man try to get close the mirror as close as possible for not to miss any stray hair. The bending toward the mirror may lead for the 10 or more than 10 minutes at an angle of 30 degrees which may lead to back pain.

The diet:  Next modern cause of back pain is the diet. You know your diet can also be the reason for back pain? You should eliminate those foods that increase inflammation in the body. Such foods are:

  • Pasta
  • Red meat
  • Alcohol
  • White bread
  • Caffeine

Some inflammation-fighting foods that you need to eat are fish, nuts, fruits, and the green vegetables.

Driving: The posture while driving really matters. If you put your all stress on the back while driving then it will lead to back pain. For putting the stress on the back during the driving then you have to straight sit up. With the back completely opposite or against to the back of the seat. Drivers also sit in the middle of a seat that fails for supporting the lower back that leads to the back issue.

The Energy Drink: The energy or the sugary drink may also lead to back pain. They also increase inflammation in the body. According to study, it is also the reason for making kidney stones. So instead of drinking an energy drink, you should drink the water. Because the water has a capacity to fight the inflammation and the kidney stones.

You do not have to live your life in a pain. So I hope this article will be helpful for you, you can give your feedback here. Thanks

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