Things That You Are Misguided About Fruits

Yes, it is the reality that fruits are our healthy diet and also good for us. It contains fibers and cancer-fighting antioxidants, but there are some warnings or limitations for fruits that you should know before eating. There are some things that you are misguided about fruits.

Unlimited Amount of Fruits:

If you follow some weight loss plans, so definitely you will eat a lot of fruits for weight loss. But you don’t think this thing smartly and watch the effect of fruits on the body more closely. Fruits have a high glycemic index, every fruits taste is yummy and sweet, it is easy for everyone to overdoes it. This will flood the bloodstream with the calories and glucose. This will lead to weight gain.

Eating Fruits Isolation:

A piece of a fruit itself is surely better than a piece of a candy bar. Fruits have a possibility of raising blood sugar and to crash it. By pairing fruits with protein (cheese, nut butter) will eliminate this problem. The fruits will raise the level of insulin. The protein will raise the hormone glucagon. Then these two work together for stabilizing the level of blood sugar. Eating fruits with protein is also necessary for diabetic patient otherwise it will create a problem for heart beating.

All Fruits Are Not Equal:

You should understand that which fruits contain more or less sugar. So mostly fruits which are of dark color contain less sugar and are rich in antioxidants. While those fruits which are of light color contain more sugar. Every fruit has different quantity of sugar, carbs, and the fiber. Best fruits are those who have the less glycemic index and high polyphenols (fight with inflammation). Glycemic refers that how quickly the food increases the levels of blood glucose. Less glycemic index fruits are normally the best choice to pick. They are digested very slowly. So, these fruits will not increase the levels of your blood sugar. It keeps you full for longer.

Importance of Skin Eating:

When we talk about the antioxidants and vitamins then peel of fruits is the best thing to eat. Researchers have found that the eating the skin of fruits is the best way to reduce the risk of the obesity and also it prevents you from having cancer. So should try to eat the skin of fruits also that can be eaten like Apple, Mango, and Peach etc.

Drinking Juice of Fruits:

You drink juice by making it in the blender. But that juice does not contain fibers, fibers help in slowing the blood sugar level in your body. It is better for you to eat a full piece of fruit or having the smoothie.

Size of Fruits Matters:

Whenever you are making the selection of fruits according to fruits calories, never decide to take without knowing about calories of fruits. Of course, big apple has large calories as compared to small one. But if you decide to take a small apple with the small orange, this thing going to be worse. You should not be misguided about fruits. Because every fruit has their own calories according to their sizes. The small apple has 53 calories and large apple has 12o calories. In the same way, small orange also has 120 calories. So you should search some information about calories then go for them.

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