Tips For the Good Health in Summer Season

Do you want to enjoy good health in the summer season? Now it is summer, it does not matter, never stuck with things and always compete with things and here are some tips that you can follow during the summer season for your good health and spend summer season happily. First things that you have to do for starting your day is to do meditation, meditation helps you to visualize everything and save your mind from negativity and increase self-awareness. After that, you start your daily routine.



Following are a few tips for the good health in summer season:

Drink plenty of water every day because in summer we sweat a lot.  Heat causes loss of electrolytes so for the compensation we have to drink water at least 8 glass daily. We can drink juices, lemon juice, buttermilk but avoid to drink cola, tea and coffee. By drinking plenty of water it will not only quench our thirst but also make our skin and hair to glow.

• In summer, always wear loose dresses and of light color, eat light food avoid spicy and fast food. Apply some sunscreen while going outside. Always wash your face with some cleanser every day.

Sun UV rays not only effects your skin but also effects hair. So cover your head with a cap, hat. Always carry an umbrella with you. By covering your head you can protect yourself from heat stroke too.

• For your eyes safety, you can wear sunglasses and always wear open sandals instead of boots to avoid fungal infection. Wash your feet with some oils for relaxing effects.

• Always try to avoid going outside in daytime during harsh sun.  Taking bath twice a day is the best way to save you from being hot. Always try to be in the cool atmosphere.

• Always keep yourself busy by engaging with friends. Keep yourself busy by working in a garden and do yoga for the meditation.

• To avoid stress always be in love ones. Avoid bad company because for a healthy life you should be free from stress. So always avoid those things that give stress to you. Spent more time on those things that you love to do.

• Always eat seasonal foods, salads, green vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits and their fresh juice.



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