Weight gain means the increase in body weight, fat deposition, involve an increase in muscle mass. People lose weight to look slim and also for saving himself from diseases. But there are also people who need to gain weight. Weight gaining or losing is not a big problem it is all about our diet routine. Weight gaining is the wish of skinny people. But weight gaining does not mean to look fat weight gain is to look healthy and perfect.


• First things that you have to do for gaining weight is eating more calories than your body needs. Body needs should be fulfilled because It helps your body system to work properly. So if you eat more than your body needs so obviously extra calories will become the reason for gaining weight.

• Increasing body weight means you want to increase your muscles. And for muscles mass gaining you have to take a large amount of protein. In protein food; eggs, milk, meat and other dairy products are included. So you have to increase the use of protein.

• Before eating, the things that you should avoid is drinking water. Because if you drink water before the meal it can fill your stomach. And will difficult for you to get enough calories.

• You have to eat more often than daily routine you have to eat more than three times and anytime.

• You drink water to quench water but you can take milk instead of water sometimes that will help you in gaining calories and protein.

• Most smokers are less in weight because smoking affects your health and become a reason for weight loss so you have to avoid smoking for not losing your weight.

• The most important thing is sleeping this is the most important part of gaining weight because it helps in the growth of muscles.

• For gaining weight the most effective thing is to do jogging and exercise and heavyweight lifting because it will not only give you strength but also your body will need more food to eat.

• Some energy-dense foods are; almonds, peanuts, dates, cheese, cream, whole milk, extra virgin oil, potatoes, peanut butter, dark chocolates, beef, yogurt etc. For gaining weight you have to eat these types of foods.

• For eating more you have to use the large size of plates, because definitely if you eat in small plate its mean that you are eating less.

These are some tips for gaining weight, for achieving goals you have to determine it so if you want to increase your weight you have to eat as proper as your body need. By doing it for one or two days you can’t be as like as you want, everything takes time. Increasing weight does not mean to increase fat, it helps in making muscles strong.


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