A myth is an idea or story in which many people believe but which may not be true. It is a traditional story, explaining a social or natural phenomenon. Facts are the real situation, the state of things as they actually exist. The quality of being actual.

A myth is that which derived from people mouth and have no proof about that. But the reality is that which actually exits and have proof about that. Myth has doubt but facts have no doubt. Early it was saying that smoking cause cancer but until it was not proved, it was considering as myth. But when science proved it that smoking cause cancer now it is fact. So Myth is saying of people without any proof but fact means the truth.

Facts are the details of things, while Myths are often stories. Facts are the scientifically proof statements while Myths are the generational thoughts and beliefs. Myth can explain the unexplained thing by their traditional beliefs. Facts only explain those that can explain. Myths have no proof it does not mean that it always wrong. But it will not be considered as facts until it will not get proved. According to some people, heaven is a myth but no one can prove this in this world so people considered this as myth but it can be a fact.

For understanding the difference between myth and reality we depend on our mental state, our knowledge, our beliefs. A child mind is in starting point. So they treat their toys as a real or sometimes they get afraid of them. But as they grow young then they understand what is real and what is not. In the same way, our mental state, and knowledge can help us in getting know about reality and myth.

The stories on which people believe but they have not experienced by themselves. So they can not argue with them, and they can’t change the perspective of others on that. Only saying is not a reality, proving it, is a reality. If you are solving a problem. Before solving, you say that its sides will not be equal but no one believes you. Until you will not solve that question and proving your guess right.

An earthquake occurs when ALLAH is angry at his creation. He shakes the earth but this is a myth because no one can prove it. Everyone has their own believes about lord so they have their own perspective about it. But the fact of an earthquake that has been proved is the motion of tectonic plates under the earth’s surface. Its all depend on our thought that on which we believe. The fact is that on which world believes and myth is that on which only you believe.

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