Use of social Media as a Fashion

The trend of social media as a fashion is getting popular day by day. Nowadays people not only use this for a time pass. But also use it for business purposes and earning their livelihood from social media.


Social media means to interact with people through media ( computer or mobile apps).


Fashion is a way of doing something that is popular at a particular time.

Things that people use or follow a lot become a trend or fashion. Nowadays in the whole world, social media is getting popular day by day. wherever you go you will see everyone is busy on his mobile or any social media networking. Some people use social media for their work. Some are just being a socialist in touch with friends.

People are making different apps as a business that is beneficial for others. People are making money by creating an account on social media by a large following. This fashion is turning into a business. Social media is the path of telling the latest trend of fashion and also online shopping is happening. People are always engaged with families or friends on social media.They share their memories on social media by making videos or clicking selfies. Selfies are nowadays a popular trend and there is a lot of apps for it.


Social media is a part of our life. It’s very hard to recall our life without it. Everyone is now able to contact the fashion designer or anything to whom he wants to contact. Fashion brands also using social media for advertising to engage the target market. And also gives their recent update of a collection to their buyer.


Social media has also made the life of people busy. Everything has two sides; good and bad. It’s up to us that how we use it. But some people also using social media in a bad way. They create problems for other. Girls are facing a lot of problem because of bad users. There is also solution available for that some agencies are working on it. Because the mentality of a bad user cannot be changed.


Social media is also beneficial in many ways. People by active on social media can know that what is happening in the world. They can seek any type of help through social media. They can learn what they want to. By connecting with social media, people get to know about others countries fashion trend. Their culture, their religion, their belief everything.

By social media, economically things are getting better, countries are getting developed by this platform also. By this person are getting aware of many things, they are getting every information about the world. Social media as a fashion is increasing day by day. We should use it in a good way and avoid bad effects. Because using a lot of mobile or computer can affect our health.

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