Uses Of Coconut Oil Naturally

The Coconut oil is rich in the natural saturated fats. The Saturated fats help in increasing the cholesterol (which is known as the HDL cholesterol) in our body. It also helps to convert the bad (LDL) cholesterol into the good cholesterol. And by increasing the quantity of HDL in our body, the oil helps to promote the heart health and also decrease the risk of the heart diseases. The coconut oil is also very good for our skin. It used in many skin products.

Benefits for health:

The benefits of oil are:

  • It reduces the cellulite
  • Helps in burning fats
  • Keep balance in hormones
  • Helps in decreasing the age spot and the wrinkles
  • Lower the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol
  • Helps in sin moisturizing
  • Improve energy
  • It also helps in digestion

Hydrator for Skin:

After taking shower, if you apply this oil on all over the body. It will help in hydrating the dry skin. It also helps to smooth the skin after shaving. This oil has the natural SPF and it is best to protect the skin from the sun damage.

Mouth Washer:

Coconut oil has the antibiotic property; due to this, it is helpful in killing the bacteria. You just have to make a mixture for your mouthwash. For that, you take an equal quantity of baking soda and the coconut oil and mix few drops of the peppermint oil. Use this mixture daily. It will whiten your teeth, helps in improving gum health, and also it freshens your breath.

Face Washer:

As it is already mentioned, this oil is a good moisturizing agent. So you can use this as a face washer. For this, you can make a mixture of natural face cleanser. Mix this oil with tea tree oil, lavender oil, and the raw honey for your desired good result.

Wound Healer:

From many years, this oil is using as a healer for rashes, wound and for the burns. This oil has a property of antifungal and antibacterial. It protects affected part from any infection and helps in the speed healing.

Cold Sore Treatment:

If you are suffering from the cold sore then this oils will work for you as a medicine. You just dab your affected part with coconut oil for several times in a day. Its antibiotic and antifungal property will help in reducing pain and healing. Due to its property, it helps in killing the virus inside the sore and shut down their ability to reproduce.

Hair benefits:

Coconut oil is the natural oil and it is also free from chemicals. You can also use it as a shampoo for your hair. For that, you just mix this oil with the apple vinegar cider. It will keep your hair free from dullness. It will also make your hair color intact longer and also makes your hair shiny and soft.

Best Remover:

Gum stuck in hair or any other place is common and also very frustrated for us. So instead of getting frustrated, you can use coconut oil for the removal of gum. It will also help in removing gum without leaving any stain.

These are some uses of coconut oil, I hope it will helpful for you.


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