Ways to handle a Migraine problem


A migraine is basically a condition of a severe headache, but it is not only a headache it is a disorder that can cause a person nausea and vomiting.The pain that migraines cause can last for many hours and it can be a day.


It is not an old age disease, its often start in childhood. A migraine basically has four phases.

1: Prodrome
In this condition affected person faces constipation, mood changes, yawning and increased thirst and urination.

2: Aura
Auras are symptoms of the nervous system.Auras are the basic visual disturbance.Most people have a migraine without auras.In auras, person’s muscles get the week and they have hearing and speaking problem.

3: Attack
The migraine attack is usually last for many hours and can be for many days if it is untreated.Most people feel pain on one side of the head but it can be on both side.Affected person feels pains like throbbing and have nausea and vomiting and also have a blurred vision.

4: Post-drome
This is the last phase of a migraine that occurs after the attack and it can be last for one day.In this phase, the person feels dizziness, weakness and also get confused.


A migraine is an untreated disease.But you can take some precautions during an attack and you may concern to the doctor also.You could notice that during that time which thing is giving you relief.


1: As migraine cause vision problem so you can turn off the lights.

2: You can take some medicine (Asprin, Ergots, Triptans).

3: Find some calm place.

4: Try therapy of temperature(compressed hot and cold water) on head and neck.

5: Drink tea or coffee.

6: Do exercise.

7: Keep stress under control.

If your family member has a migraine problem, then there is a chance of developing migraine in you also. If your migraine pain lasts for 15 or more than 15 days in a month for more than three months, then you have a chronic migraine. In women migraine pain start before or shortly after menstruation and mostly women complaint about a migraine pain during pregnancy.

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