The situation is the condition of something; the condition can be good or bad. If a situation is good there may be a chance of some mistakes because obviously good condition is that which give happiness and people may be in the happy mood or in hurry do some unhealthy thing that may not good for him in future. If a situation is bad then there are more chances of wrong happening because at that time people may not be in their senses or in anger that can harm him in future. This is the nature of human he cannot always handle happiness and sadness perfectly. handling a situation, handling a situation, handling a situation, handling a situation

Both conditions can be controlled or handled by adopting some ways; the first thing that should be in person for handling any situation is toleration and he should have control on himself. If something wrong happened, the first thing on which person should control is his anger, anger is the root of many wrong happening. You should keep in mind that every wrong thing comes to a good thing that we can only understand in future when that good thing will happen because right things always come in right time. The situation is the thing that tells about the person personality that whether he is mature or not. People get mature when they understand the situation and handle it wisely instead of blaming others.

The things that should do for handling situation are;
• Think about the things carefully before reacting.
• Stay calm and emotionally be strong.
• Understand the good and bad aspects.
• Admit your mistake.
• You have to be positive for next things.
• Take some point negative for improving yourself
• Always learn from your mistakes

This is not necessarily what happened, the thing is how to handle it. No one motivates anyone until a man doesn’t want to motivate, always motivate yourself. Human life is a mess life full of awkward and perfect moments. And everyone should accept the reality of success and failure, success and failure both are part of our life. Try to adopt teamwork because team support is the key to success. For dealing any situation you should develop in yourself good communication skills. You should know how to deal with violence and how to treat with your conflicts.

Some people are not so confident and they get confused by the situation. They wanted to run away from the situation which is not right. Nothing good will happen from running away but it can create more problems for you. So instead of running face the situation and think about situation calmly and wisely.

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