Western & Traditional

As we all know, physical appearance matters nowadays. People also represents their culture by their dresses and traditions. But for keeping up with developed countries people are taking interest in western trend. But if everyone wants to preserve their culture they should follow their traditions. Otherwise, they are disgracing their culture.

Western culture is something like that person can dress up himself according to his ease and feels confident. The western trend represents modern class and everyone wants to be modern. But it does not mean to forget your own culture and identity. Because for holding your own identity you have to be your self and make people follow you. Traditional culture is like to carry your identity. Represent your homeland culture. Traditional culture means that you are holding your heritage. Heritage is that which is passing from one generation to another. Your nation is also your heritage so if you can’t lose that so how you can lose your tradition.

As the modern trend is progressing in all fields whether it is scientifically or another. As life is going so our need is increasing day by day so for becoming a part of the world you have to modernize in all aspects by keeping your own identity. Everything has the bad and good side so for good results we should follow right part. By changing your own culture and adopting others culture is not the right way, you should follow those things that not only beneficial for you but also for your country.

Eastern trend is to be yourself not to only follow others. So by changing your dressing sense, your culture should not be modernized always be your self. People are not only adapting a western trend only in the dressing but also they are following their culture, the way of their living. They like that how western people celebrate their function their occasions.

Social Media is the best way of promoting anything and people are using it very cleverly. Some people are not able to afford these type of trends but due to some people they get impressed and become a problem for their families. Although this is not wrong to follow something but its necessary to follow those who give benefits to you and other.

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