What Should Be the Status of Healthcare in the Coming Decade?

At present, the health care system of ours is not rational. All the costs are very huge whether it is direct or the indirect. A lot of many therapies of novel developed the exciting time in the history of practicing the medicine. But here problem is that the outcomes of new therapies aren’t necessarily the better outcomes. Because we do not have the data of real world that will allow for stratifying the patients. Also for helping the patient for understanding the option & give the patient the roadmap for the treatment. In this article, we will discuss the Status of Healthcare in the Coming Decade.

health care status
The important & the greatest need for real world data is structured, and the longitudinal data. For the outcomes for the patients who are present with the different forms of the disease at the different stages. Data from the clinical trials in the specialized facilities do not necessarily help the physicians for considering all the angles when angels look a patient. For example; the extra will costs in the one aspect of a treatment reduce the costs in the other.

For illustrating with the example, the treatment for the lung cancer is the chemotherapy. This gives the patients the average of ten more months. But in case of cancer has the particular mutation then targeted the oral compound would give the 48 more months on the average. The 48 months of this oral therapy will actually work out best & cheap for the provider due to they aren’t dealing with it. For example, the costly hospitalization resulting from a toxic effect of the chemotherapy.

The Status of Healthcare in the Coming Decade

All the challenges with the healthcare reform have always that the incentives misaligned. The policymakers, payers, providers, and the patients that all want the different things. So the first task will be to define the goals on which all can be agreed, and also the pathways for getting there. We also need for getting the better system for data sharing. Because that is what would help us for improving the outcomes that everybody loves to see.

We will have a lot of therapies of a novel in the coming decade. The hope for the coming decade is that we’ll also have the diagnostic tool. That also enables the physicians for stratifying the patients to get-go. Also putting the patient on the treatments that are shown by the solid, the data of the real world for leading the best outcome for the particular condition. There is also a hope that we will have the better tools then now for the prevention. The individuals will also routinely have an extensive check of the health marker. That wouldn’t only give the patient advice for the personalized lifestyle. Hope so the status of the healthcare in the coming decade will be healthy and best for our generation.

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