What I Wish Everyone Knew About Women Right.


Right means to be legal, be correct, be justified.


The woman is a female human. she gives birth to the child (male or female). She makes community i.e a strong community.


WOMEN RIGHT means gives a right to her that is legal for her.Right does not means to give specialty to someone or something.The woman is a strong part of our nation. To be a strong nation our nation women should be strong.WOMEN will not be strong until rights not provides them.

MEN and WOMEN are the like a two-wheel of the car. They need the support of each other to live in this advanced world.There is no one superior in gender. Both have their own place and right.Women rights that should be given is:
she should have a right to vote, right to get the education, to do a job, respect should be given to women.In many countries, women are getting the victim of harassment. Men are not ready to accept women as a powerful. Although women are working in every field in which men are working but still she is not getting her right. Girls are getting married forcefully in her early age that is not legal. People are selling girls like a business.

Some men have a strange mentality, they can’t tolerate women as a powerful human. They don’t like that women work, they think women work is only at home. They are not in favor of women studies, women work outside. Many countries getting prosperity just because of that they don’t do any difference between men and women. Women are actually a more hard worker and she performed multiple tasks in a day whether she is an office girl or a housewife, she has a lot of things to do at the same time. She takes care of her home, children, parents, husband everything but still people think that she has no importance, she is not powerful. As an office woman, she has to face a lot of challenges every day and she faced them very bravery.

For making a nation strong, women should be secure and strong. A nation will be successful when women will get their right. Women are the one who gives birth and makes a man a respectable gender
and who work for the nation. No right is more than women right.

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