How Much Do You Know about Brain Disorder Epilepsy?


This is the brain disorder, in which groups of neurons, nerve cells, in a brain signal abnormally sometime. Neurons usually create electrochemical impulses. Which perform on the other glands, muscles, and neurons to generate human, feelings, actions, and thoughts.

In this disorder, the usual pattern of the neuronal activity gets disturbed. They start causing strange emotions, sensations, and behavior, or sometimes loss of the consciousness. This electrical activity also causes the disturbance between message systems and the brain cells.


• This is the neurological disorder.
• The primary symptom of epilepsy is commonly seizures.
• The seizures range of severity depends on an individual.
• Seizure treatments include the anti-seizure medications.


1. First is the low of oxygen before the birth.
2. In birth or in an accident during adulthood or the youth head injuries occurrence.
3. The genetic situation which results in a brain injury, i.e. tuberous sclerosis.
4. Any type of damage to a brain i.e. stroke.
5. Levels of the substances abnormality i.e. blood sugar.
6. Infectious Diseases.


Epilepsy is an abnormality of a brain and seizures is the common sign of epilepsy and seizures affects the coordination of brain systems. Symptoms of epilepsy include seizures sign and loss of the consciousness. Temporary confusion, spell staring, jerking movement of the arms and legs, loss of awareness, fear, anxiety.

Doctors usually classified seizures as a focal or a generalized. It based on begin of abnormal activity of the brain.

Focal seizures

This is that when the seizures appear as a result of the abnormal activity in only one area of the brain.

Generalized seizures

This involves when the seizures appear as a result of the abnormal activity in all areas of the brain.


Epilepsy treatment is possible in many ways. Two are here;


By taking anti-seizure medication, most people get free from the seizures. It depends on the condition of a person; this medication is also known as anti-epileptic medication.

While others have to take the combination of medication. Medication also involves some side effects. By medication, people get involved in skin rashes, dizziness, weight gain, depression, memory problems etc.


When medication gets fail, then next option is the surgery. In surgery treatment, the doctor removes that area of a brain which is causing seizures. Many patients need to continue medication to prevent seizures after successful surgery. Surgery also has a side effect that is permanent altering thinking ability. So before surgery, this should be discussed with doctors.

When do you need to see a doctor immediately?

.You has to see a doctor immediately if following things occur;
• If second seizures follow immediately.
• You are diabetics.
• You are pregnant.
• If you get injured during seizures.
• You have a high fever and heat exhaustion.
• If your seizures last for 5 or more than 5 minutes.


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